Why Do You
Need a Lawyer?

Canadian immigration lawyers are best qualified to help you navigate the way through Canada Immigration’s sea of rules and regulations. Lawyers are highly educated and have training in the law, the rules of evidence and the judicial process. Only lawyers can represent you from the initial application process to, if need be, the appeal process before the Federal Court. Canadian lawyers are obligated to observe a high professional and ethical standard in their work and are not only answerable to you, the client, but are also governed by the long-standing law society of their province.

Our lawyers at EC&A offer the best representation in your immigration case. We look at every aspect of your case to find the best solution for you.

We also offer legal services in Farsi.



Our Services

Permanent Resident Applications

  • Family Class
  • Express Entry
  • BC Provincial Nominee Skilled Immigrant Programs
  • BC Provincial Nominee Entrepreneur Program

Immigration and Refugee Hearings

  • Admissibility hearings
  • Refugee hearings

Citizenship Applications

Immigration Appeals

  • Sponsorship
  • Residency and deportation appeals

Temporary Resident and other Applications

  • Work permits
  • Student permits
  • Temporary resident visas
  • Supervisas for parents
  • Rehabiliation applications
  • Temporary resident permits

Federal Court Judicial Review

  • Applications
  • Stay of removal