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Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Program will accept applications again from May 4, 2013

Since July 1, 2012 Citizenship and Immigration Canada has not accepted applications for permanent residence in Canada pursuant the Federal Skilled Worker Program, except for those from certain PhD students and those supported by a qualifying job offer. Recently, the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration announced a number of significant changes to the Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). It…

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CBSA’s Reality TV Show Puts Potential Refugee Claimants at Risk

On Wednesday, CBSA officers raided a construction site in Vancouver and arrested several men suspected of working illegally. The raid has garnered plenty of attention because a reality TV crew filming scenes for Border Security accompanied CBSA officers on their raid. Douglas Cannon, one of the founding partners of Elgin, Cannon & Associates, was interviewed by CBC news about the raid. According to Douglas,…

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The Benefits of Using a Lawyer for your Citizenship Application

It is getting harder to become a Canadian citizen. Besides the new requirement of demonstrating language proficiency in either English or French (preventing many permanent residents from even attempting to obtain citizenship), it is taking a lot longer to actually obtain citizenship. The government has recently focused its resources on conducting fraud investigations to identify individuals who obtained, or are trying to obtain, citizenship without having resided in Canada for three out of…

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