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CBSA’s Reality TV Show Puts Potential Refugee Claimants at Risk

On Wednesday, CBSA officers raided a construction site in Vancouver and arrested several men suspected of working illegally. The raid has garnered plenty of attention because a reality TV crew filming scenes for Border Security accompanied CBSA officers on their raid. Douglas Cannon, one of the founding partners of Elgin, Cannon & Associates, was interviewed by CBC news about the raid. According to Douglas, the filming of the raid puts potential refugee claimants at increased risk to return to their home country and it breaches the privacy rights afforded to them as potential refugee claimants.  To view the CBC article, please go to:

Christopher Elgin has been a member of the British Columbia bar since January of 1988. He worked for the Immigration and Refugee Board as a legal advisor to the Board members for over three years and in 1993 he opened his own immigration law practice. In 1995, he joined forces with Douglas Cannon, another immigration…

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