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Changes to the Labour Market Impact Assessment Fees

In order to hire a foreign worker in Canada, most employers require government approval before hiring a foreign worker. Employers may apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), formerly known as a Labour Market Opinion (LMO). These applications are sent to Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), and they assess an offer of employment to ensure that the employment of a foreign worker will not have a negative impact on the Canadian labour market.

Employers must provide ESDC with information about the position, including advertising efforts, the number of Canadian who applied, the number of Canadians who were interviewed, and explanations for why a Canadian was not hired.


The application fee for an LMIA is now $1000 per worker, an increase from $275 previously.


However, this fee only applies where the LMIA will be used to support a Work Permit. If the LMIA is solely in support of a Permanent Residence application (such as for an Express Entry candidate), there is no fee. See for more information.

Under the new Express Entry program, an LMIA supported job offer is allotted 600 points (out of a possible 1200), a huge advantage over applicants who do not have one.


For more information about LMIA’s or Express Entry, contact us today to speak to an experienced immigration lawyer.

Christopher Elgin has been a member of the British Columbia bar since January of 1988. He worked for the Immigration and Refugee Board as a legal advisor to the Board members for over three years and in 1993 he opened his own immigration law practice. In 1995, he joined forces with Douglas Cannon, another immigration…

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