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by Raha Seyedali, 7 months ago, More on: Citizenship, Immigration

As an immigrant who is going through family issues or separation, it is very important to understand your rights and responsibilities.

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Immigration and Right Timing

by Raha Seyedali, 1 year ago, More on: Citizenship

Timing is important for immigration and citizenship applications.

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The Benefits of Using a Lawyer for your Citizenship Application

by leanna, 6 years ago, More on: Citizenship

It is getting harder to become a Canadian citizen. Besides the new requirement of demonstrating language proficiency in either English or French (preventing many permanent residents from even attempting to obtain citizenship), it is taking a lot longer to actually obtain citizenship. The government has recently focused its resources on conducting fraud investigations to identify individuals who obtained, or are trying to obtain, citizenship without having resided in…

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Introduction to ECA

by chris, 6 years ago, More on: Citizenship, Immigration

Welcome to the blog of Elgin, Cannon and Associates–ECA from here on.  We hope that we can offer some insight to you on Canada’s fast changing immigration policies.

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