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Permanent Resident Applications

Elgin, Cannon & Associates provides comprehensive legal service for immigrants of all categories at affordable rates.

  • Family Class:
    We can help you bring your close family members to Canada to be with you.  Sponsoring your spouse can be a stressful and confusing process. Processing times can be lengthy and mistakes in your application could delay the process even further. We can assist you in making sure that your application is complete and making sure you have addressed any issues that may arise. The Minister of Citizenship, Refugees and Immigration has committed to increasing the number of parents and grandparents that Canadians or permanent residents can sponsor to 10,000 per year. It is still important that your complete sponsorship application is received very early in the new year to ensure that your parent’s application is accepted for processing.
  • Express Entry:
    Express Entry is Canada’s online skilled immigrant selection process. The process is based on a Comprehensive Ranking System where you are invited to apply for immigration to Canada only if you meet a minimum CRS score. You are ranked based on your age, level of education, work experience and language abilities. You receive extra points for having received an educational credential in Canada or for having worked in Canada. You also receive 600 extra points if you have been issued a nomination certificate by one of the Provincial Nominee programs. If you have arranged employment in Canada you will also receive an additional 50 points (or 200 points if the position is a senior management position). To set up an Express Entry profile, you must also be eligible to apply under one of Canada’s established immigration categories. You can apply as a member of the Canadian Experience class if you have worked in Canada for at least one full year in a skilled position. You can apply as a Federal Skilled Worker if you attain 67 points. These points are also assessed based on factors such as age, language abilities, education and work experience, but other factors such as family connections to Canada are also considered. We can assist you by assessing your qualifications for Canada’s immigration program and advising you on ways that you can increase your chances of success in this complicated process. We can also make sure that your Express Entry application is as complete as possible.
  • Provincial Nominee Skilled Immigration Programs:
    We may be able to help you increase your chance of success in immigrating to Canada by obtaining a nomination certificate from the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program. In February of 2016, the BC Provincial Nominee Program launched its own online application process. There are a number categories that you can apply under to the BC PNP. The Skilled Worker category requires that you have a job offer from a BC company and that you have at least 2 years of work experience related to the job you have been offered. The International Graduate category requires that you have a job offer from a BC Company and that you have graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution. You do not need to show the 2 years of work experience in a related type of job, but you must apply within two years of graduating. The International Post-Graduate category requires that you have graduated from a master’s or doctoral program at a BC post-graduate institution. You do not need to have a job offer for this category, but the program you have graduated from must be in natural, applied or health sciences. There are also opportunities to apply for a BC Provincial nomination for people working in low or semi-skilled positions in the areas of hospitality and tourism, long haul trucking and food processing and for people working in the far North-East of the Province.
  • Provincial Nominee Entrepreneur Program:
    The British Columbia Provincial Nominee program has two entrepreneur programs: the BASE program and the Regional Pilot program. Both programs are online applications.   Both programs use a point system that scores individual entrepreneurs on various factors, including business ownership and management experience, net worth, the amount of the business investment, the number of jobs created or maintained, the ability of the entrepreneur to adapt to life in BC and the actual business concept itself. When scoring adaptability, the BC PNP will look at the age, language abilities and the connection that the entrepreneur already has with the Province.  The BASE program is currently on hold while the Province re-evaluates it.  The Regional Pilot program is still active.  It allows select communities across BC to choose entrepreneurs to start businesses in their communities and then refer them to the BC PNP to have their applications assessed. 
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